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Nail leveling, also known as surface leveling, is an essential process in the art of nail care. This technique consists of evening out the surface of the natural nail to ensure a uniform and smooth base before applying polish or any other type of decoration.
Leveling is performed using different tools and techniques depending on the individual needs of each client. Nail care professionals use files of different thicknesses to remove irregularities, smooth rough edges and shape the nail evenly.
This process not only improves the aesthetic appearance of the nails, but also helps the polish adhere evenly and lastingly, preventing premature chipping.
It is important to note that nail leveling requires skill and experience on the part of the nail technician to ensure a satisfactory result and avoid damaging the natural nail. Additionally, it is essential to use sterile tools to prevent infections and maintain high hygiene standards.
In short, nail leveling is a fundamental step in the care and beautification of your hands, ensuring that your nails look impeccable and your polish stays intact for longer.